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[Poster] Modeling Deception In Information Security As A Hypergame — A Primer

Chris Gutierrez, Mohammed H. Almeshekah, Jeff Avery, Saurabh Bagchi and Eugene H. Spafford 16th Annual CERIAS Information Security Symposium: Poster, West Lafayette, IN, USA, March 2015 ABSTRACT: In order to use deception as a viable information security defensive mechanism, one must properly analyze the conflict at hand. There is little work that …

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[Poster] The Password Wall — A Better Defense against Password Exposure

Mohammed H. Almeshekah, Mikhail J. Atallah & Eugene H. Spafford 15th Annual Information Security Symposium, CERIAS, Purdue, March, 2014 ABSTRACT: We present an authentication scheme that better protects users’ passwords than in currently deployed password-based schemes, without taxing the users’ memory or damaging the user-friendliness of the login process. Our scheme maintains …

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[Paper] The Case of Using Negative (Deceiving) Information in Data Protection

Mohammed H. Almeshekah and Eugene H. Spafford [Paper] Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security ICCWS-2014, ISSN: 2048-9870, Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, March 2014 [Poster] 15th Annual Information Security Symposium, CERIAS, Purdue, March, 2014 (Best Poster Award)   ABSTRACT: As the convergence between our physical …

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