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The State of Phishing

Phishing has been increasingly on the rise as one of the most prevalent attacks on the cyberspace. The number of unique phishing sites detected by the Ant-Phishing Working Group (APWG) hit the highest all-time record in February of 2012 . Furthermore, in March of 2012 the APWG statistics reported an increase by 8% from the previous world record of the number of brands targeted by phishing reaching 392 different brands.

During my research at Purdue I wanted to see the landscape of phishing work that has been done. It was quite interesting to see the wealth of papers and efforts to thwart phishing, while at the same time seeing this increase in the number of attacks. During this work I created an overview Mindmap giving a birds-view look into the problem of phishing and what are all the variables in such space.


Please fell free to use this work, however, please refer to the source. In addition, kindly shoot me an email if you used this map in your work such that I can post a link referring back to your work.

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